Classic 105’s Maina Kageni created suspense when he gave Kenyans a teaser of Nyashinski’s new song Malkia. Everyone could not keep calm as they went to Youtube to look for the song which was nowhere else to be found.

Mpasho has got you covered this time round. The song Malkia, a love ballad comes months after Nyashinski, a former Kleptomaniax member released the hit song Mungu Pekee which hit the music charts by storm.

COMEBACK NAYO? Nyashinski Of Kleptomaniax Blows His Competition To SMITHEREENS In Hard Hitting Comeback


It seems his stay in the states has done him well when it comes to vocals, but Nyashinski tell us, did you ever attend music classes there? I tell you this guy can sing, rap and write songs… Good songs.

Here is the most awaited song;