Wahu Kagwi looking dapper
Wahu Kagwi. photo credit: instagram/Wahu Kagwi

Wahu Kagwi is one of the most celebrated music acts in the Kenyan and East African music industry. She is also celebrated for her marriage to Nameless having enjoyed their 12th year of marriage in 2017.

Wahu Kagwi and Nameless
Wahu Kagwi and Nameless. photo credit: instagram/Wahu Kagwi

But this year has seen her upend the way we thought of her especially with her shift to doing gospel music. Wahu who had enjoyed a relatively successful spell doing secular music shocked many Kenyans with this move.

‘I Went Through Tough Situations’ Wahu On Why She Switched To Gospel

Wahu Kagwi cover of Sifa
Wahu Kagwi. photo credit: instagram/Wahu Kagwi

Speaking to Buzz about her shift, she gave some answers on why she became a gospel artist to what we can expect from her going forward. On her most memorable moment, she says that winning the award for Best female African at the inaugural MAMA Awards held in Abuja Nigeria.

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On why she made “Sweet Love” she said:

Sweet love was inspired by my baby Tumiso. I wrote it when I was expecting her, but released it almost a year later. The song was a love letter from myself to my unborn child, so I can say she inspired it.

The issue that has been bothering us as fans of her secular music: Why did have to shift to gospel music. She re-affirms that she was in a place in her life that she needed help and that help could only come from God. She said:

Picking up my search though wasn’t automatic. It was borne out of a difficult patch that I was going through and didn’t know how to “unstick” myself. I went down on my knees in my bedroom and I told God, ‘You have my attention.

On the advice that she would give to up and coming musicians is:

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Any businessman will tell you that it takes years to build a trustworthy brand with posterity. The same applies to Music as it is a business as well.

On the question of what we are to expect from her musically going forward, she explained:

More music inspired by God, and my desire to fulfill the purpose He created me for. Can I say watch and see? My primary intention is to please my heavenly Father.

That last answer leaves us in guessing. Why? For such an enterprising musician that may mean some “Sweet Experimental Music” from the “Sweet Love” artist.