Gospel singer Wahu’s firstborn daughter Tumiso is a candidate. She says as a parent, she feels complete to have a candidate in her house.

Wahu said that as a mum, she is proud of her already and is sure she will make the family happy.

“She is the kind of person who does not wait for people to tell her to do anything. I feel like I am the candidate and we are excited and we know she is gonna do us proud. As parents, all we do is ask her to do her best. I don’t tell her to get certain grades, no, but the best she can,” she said.

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Asked if she has started talking to her matters relationship, she said they are open to each other.

“She can talk to me about everything and I can say it is an investment since she was young. We talk a lot about what is best for her. She is now a teenager and it is a new journey and until she is 19 years, I will be with her all through,” she said.

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