Njugush is the latest victim of a scam artist.

These are interesting times for our celebrities.

Hacking Kenyan celebrity social media accounts has become a daily norm now. It is something we hear almost on a weekly basis. Just recently DJ. Pierra, Akothee announced their accounts were hacked.

Akothee Warns Her Fans About A Fake Facebook Account That’s Conning People

Kenyan comedian, Njugush has not escaped this. He recently warned his fans against a fake facebook account that has exactly what is going on in his life at each moment.

Seems this impostor is quite a fan and is always on Njugush’s real account to post exactly what he has posted.

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The account has job offers to the fans and that is why Njugush saw it fit to warn people against the fake account and he even posted the real account to follow on Facebook.

Here are images of his fake account:

Real account:

Now we are quite aware of the importance of verifying your account once you’re a big star and thank God for his wife who is quite a good manager.

Wadau wenzakechungeni!

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