Dennis Oliech

Once upon a time, Harambee Stars skipper Dennis Oliech has been the subject of discussion on social media.

This is after a photo of him looking “different” went viral. Oliech had attended the Koroga Festival over the weekend at Carnivore and former Harambee Stars coach Jacob Ghost Mulee took a selfie with him and captioned; “My loyal Captain Dennis Oliech”

Dennis Oliech

The photo shocked many soccer and and Kenyan patriots and here is what some had to say;

Yegonpevu: What’s not happening!! Can’t believe what am seeing

Justine Mwiti: Dennis Oliech can do whatever he wants with his money. He did not rob anyone neither did you burn a hole in your pocket to finance his lifestyle. People should be encouraged to enjoy the sweat of their…

Robert Adi: Dennis Oliech ‘s journey from rags to riches and back to the gutters again.. A player who used to pocket Kshs 150M annually while playing for Auxxiere FC & Kshs 90M at AC Ajaccio not forgetting the millions he earned at Nantes FC and in Qatar. So sad

Eddy_brayson: What’s going on with Oliech? His looks

Lagatwilly: Money is not a problem, the problem is how to invest it.

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Kunaendaje! Photos Of Dennis Oliech Aka The Menace Looking Emaciated Shock The Nation

Wycliffenjoroge: Waah Oliech…u guy who hard Big money….Learn your lesson from him….he looks Wasted….

Alih_nuh: Iyo kali jamani,, Oliech mmoja nnaye mjua au???

Anthony Mwangi: Hahaha Dennis Oliech angebaki tu nyumbani kama sisi badala ya kuenda #Koroga Festival. Anakaa ni kma amekorogewa busaa na uchawi.

Rokello.obonyo: I feel sorry for Dennis, whatever is going on, he needs urgent help! May God Bless!

Mburu_wa_macharia: Ok..what happened to Oliech? PIC is worth a thousand words.

Willingtonesimiyu: This is sad

Eddy_brayson: I always advice this youngsters when they have money to invest it other than taking selfies with dollars, buying big cars, drinking and sleeping coz, one day you’ll ask your self “I wish I could’ve done this and that” when it’ll be too late. Now take aclose look to my good friend Dennis Oliech for instance.

Enosngenoh: What’s up Mr Oliech looking too old!!! Misused of Money

John.nderi: Trust in God. Arrogance cannot go far. Lesson learned for young talents. It’s life.

The Radio Jambo presenter and Liberty Football Academy CEO has come out to defend Oliech claiming that people will always forget the good things you do. Adding that Oliech is doing fine and this is his new look.

“Looks are deceptive. I’m still proud of my Captain Dennis Oliech. This all points to how people look at à glass, some see it half full while some see it half empty,” Ghost exclusively told Mpasho.

He added that in life change is inevitable.

Titus Mulama, an ex-Kenyan footballer who also played with for the national team, has also defended Oliech and called upon Kenyans to celebrate the talented footballer who made Kenya proud during his heydays.
“How about we celebrate the people who flew our flag up high?
Top,top striker.
Scored the goal that took us to the ACN.
Scored a goal in the only match we ever won in the ACN.
Dennis Dennis Oguta Oliech. My
Roomie. I SALUTE you.
Nawaona kwa mtandao wakiomba maovu.
Watangoja sana!”

Dennis Oliech was recently named the Bunson Travel 2018 FIFA World Cup Brand Ambassador.