BBC Anne Ngugi

BBC radio presenter Anne Ngugi is one of the most respected media personality around.

The soft-spoken mother is among the best Swahili presenters the country has ever produced.

Anne shared a photo of her back in the day before fame and she has indeed come a long way.

Just like most celebrities, she’s living proof God’s time is the best.

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Anne Ngugi
Anne Ngugi back in the day

She captioned the above photo,

Incredibly Nostalgic picture oh! Nimetoka mbaali saana na ninaelekea mbali saana ! No matter the opposition I keep walking !! Christ ahead!!

Anne was fired while five months pregnant and in previous interviews, she said that that was her lowest moment in life.

Anne Ngugi

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The veteran journalist collected herself and is back on her feet.

Recently, she shared an inspirational message giving her situation (when she was jobless) as an example.

You were fully packaged when you arrived into this world, therefore you don’t need any approval from people to feel great! you should know your value. What you possess, your job doesn’t change who you are and when you know this you will say I don’t need to drive a big machine have an hourglass shape or even have a 6 digit salary to feel big! You see it’s important to get a revelation of who you are because if you take a royal child from his castle to the lowest slum in your country, the child will still be royal despite the environment, Know thy Value oh!’ she wrote.

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