Sophia Loiloi
Sophia Loiloi cervical cancer survivor

Life is important. Never take life for granted. Always thank God for everything. There’s a good story about a Kenyan woman, a cancer survivor that is trending.

Sophia Loiloi’s story has left many rejoicing and thanking God for the miracles He performed in her life.

Sophia, a single parent from West Pokot and an employee with KK Security group, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2015 and today she is happy to be alive.

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Ndungu Nyoro, a social media activist posted, “I met this lady last weekend at Karen. A cheerful security guard who has a story to tell. One day in 2015 while stationed at a Nairobi Hospital she collapsed. Her employer took care of her treatment and upon several tests discovered to have CERVICAL CANCER. By then she had reduced weight to about 35kgs.

A series of treatment for months at TEXAS CANCER CENTRE involving surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy saw her emerge a Victor.

She has been back for doctor’s review early this year and the report is looking good.The masses have shrunk and her health is back. She has since then added weight to 58kgs and resumed work. Her hair too is back.”

Cancer is one of the top diseases killing millions across the world. We have seen many through different organisations help cancer victims and local celebrities Carol Radull and Maina Kageni are a great example.

They are always on the forefront when it comes to fighting cancer and we hope one day, we will not have our loved ones losing their lives to this disease.

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Well, Sophia’s story has given many cancer victims hope and she narrated how doctors advised her to always smile to live longer.

“Daktari waliniambia nikae na furaha saa zote. Ukinikasirisha mimi naondoka tu nakuwacha. Kuwa na furaha ndio njia moja ya kupona.”

After her story went viral, Sophia Loiloi was invited to one of the best beauty spas where she had a free makeover that transformed her into a beautiful damsel. Photos of Sophia after the makeup have gone viral and you must see them.

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