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Back when Bamba sports channel was officially launched in a colourful ceremony many attended the show and among them was head of Bamba content, Carol Radull who stole the show. This radio queen was dressed to kill!

She ditched the jeans and t-shirts and instead wore a dark blue, knee-length pencil dress, black doll shoes and accessorised with a necklace that matched her earrings. She looked absolutely gorgeous and left many – not only men but also women – wowed.

Carol Radull

A comment on her pic on social media read;

“Wow! Is that Radull ama ni mimi naona zangu? this woman should ditch trousers and start wearing dresses, She looks yummy.”

This did not end there as Radull became the centre of attention, even in the office. Many of her colleagues could not resist her beauty but went ahead to ogle and take photos with her.

Well, apart from Carol Radull, here are some other celebrities who should ditch trousers and stick to wearing dresses.

1. Wahu Kagwi

Wahu definitely looks sexier in dresses than in trousers. The mother of two has managed to maintain her youthful looks and she doesn’t look her age.

Wahu Kagwi

2. Judith Nyambura aka Avril

The well-endowed artiste looks absolutely gorgeous in dresses, especially minis. It’s a very sexy look for her, unlike when she rocks trousers. You got the curves mami, flaunt them!


3. Femi One

The celebrated rapper also has a figure to kill. She should ditch that ‘tom boy’ look and invest more in dresses.

Femi One

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4. Size 8

Mama Wambo looks ravishing in dresses compared to when she rocks tights and trousers.

Size 8

5. Nazizi

The first time she wore a dress, Nazizi probably left many Kenyan men hot and bothered.

Nazizi Kenya