Yvonne Wamalwa

Some new interesting information about the life of Yvonne Wamalwa has come to light.

Apparently, government gave her a cold shoulder and deserted her once her hubby, former Vice president Kijana Wamalwa died.

Kiminini MP, Chris Wamalwa, claims Yvonne Wamalwa was fired by he Jubilee government a while back.

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He was speaking on Sunday during a meeting in Kitale were he shouted that it was not right for Jubilee MPs to purport that Yvonne died while still office.


“The passing of Yvonne has robbed us of a selfless leader who was a role model in her community and in the nation. Hers was servant leadership,” Uhuru said.

It was reported that until her death, Yvonne was a deputy director in the Foreign Affairs ministry’s Asia and Australia Directorate.

But Wamalwa accused Jubilee members of deceiving members of the public that the late VP’s wife was still in office.

“President Mwai Kibaki appointed our departed sister as an ambassador. But when Jubilee took over, she was sacked. Yvonne died a poor woman. Because of her poor status, she could not afford medication and that is why she decided to go and stay with her sister in Nanyuki,” the legislator said.

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He regretted that a woman of Yvonne’s status did not have any source of income.

“The government should have honoured this woman by retaining her in the position Kibaki appointed her to. It is so painful that she just died like that,” Wamalwa said.

“We stand with the family during this difficult moment as we join hands in ensuring she gets a dignified send-off.”

Yvonne will be buried next Saturday. The funeral committee said she will be laid to rest beside her husband.

-The Star/Nicolas Wamalwa

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