Willy Paul

Ever since we had Wasafi is coming to the country, every Kenyan artiste wants to join in. Willy Paul has been seen leaning towards that direction over the last couple of months.

He seems to be in tune with the Wasafi team. In a post he had put up on social media, he wrote that the Kenyan musical industry is not really helping him and so he is seeking greener pastures.

During a call interview with Kiss FM’s Chito Ndhlovu, Willy Paul was asked if he decided to shift his musical career from gospel to secular since he is trying to make that point that he transitioning to the bongo kind of genre. This was after Chito realized that his new song Malingo is doing a good job in the countdown on his ‘Maloko’ show

Hawawezi kunisaidia! Willy Paul says that he has conquered the Kenyan market!

Willy Paul

He told Chito that he is still and will forever be in the gospel game. Willy Paul and God still have a solid relationship and he will please his fans with his gospel music.

you know people talk and so I am giving people the platform and people are just assuming, but mimi na mungu tuko gangari

Willy Paul

So yes fam, he will still be inspired by Songs of Solomon and he will still be on the gospel side of music. The hater’s gone hate and lovers gone love!

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