Size 8
Size 8. photo credit: instagram/ Size 8

Size 8 has joined the many of celebrities who have warned their followers against someone impersonating her.

She took to social media to warn her fans against an impostor who is soliciting for money from people using a fake profile.

‘But surely, fam…How many times will I say this?’ A frustrated Avril shouts

Size 8
Fake Size 8 Facebook page

She wrote, “Be warned my friends there is a fake face book account pretending it’s mine be warned it’s asking people for money don’t give. I never ask my fan for any money…. size8rebornofficial is a fake account. Investigations underway to catch the imposter…. love you all.”

Well Size 8 is not the only celebrity who has had to warn people against impostors. H_art the Band’s Mordecai also alerted the public after he found out that some guy was pretending to be him.

This has become a trend for a while now and celebrities’ social media accounts are also being hacked with the latest victim being Pierra Makena, who alerted her fans last week.

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