Chidi Benz

The African music industry is something to write about. In the past 10 years, we have seen a rapid growth in the local music industry and we hope our artistes are working hard to get to  higher levels and outdo the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa etc. But despite our artistes efforts to put us on the world map, there are some things such as drugs, greedy producers who squander musicians cash, lack of financial support amongst others which still drag us behind.

Many of the local artistes turn to drugs after making a few coins instead of using it to grow their careers. We have seen some of them go mad after using hard drugs, but it seems many have not learnt a lesson from this and instead continue abusing drugs. Uganda’s Jackie Chandiru, Ray C and Chidi Benz from Tanzania are good examples. They have been struggling with drug abuse for quite a while now.

You Will Be Left Mouth Wide Open With Shock When You See The Photos Of ‘Gold Digger’ Hit Maker In Rehab

Popular rapper Chidi Benz, who was caught with drugs at Julius Nyerere Airport in Dar es Salaam back in 2014, has been away from the public eye but a good samaritan (Babu Tale, a popular manager from Tanzania) took him to rehab where he is currently recovering hoping to make a comeback soon.

Chidi Benz

Chidi Benz recently recorded a video trying to rap again and the video has left his fans shedding tears of joy.

Chidi Benz

Who knew Chidi Benz would sing again after drugs nearly messed with his brains?