Kenyan celebrities are known to be the best pretenders. They will look down upon their colleagues especially when they are struggling but wait until someone dies, they will come in large numbers, post your photos on social media, show love to your family and even make you trend online from the day you die till you’re buried.

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Don’t send me flowers when I’m dead. If you like me, send them while I’m alive – Brian Clough.
Well, gospel homosexual singer George Barasa also known as Joji Baro alias Jay Bee is not happy with these dubious Kenyan celebrities. Joji Baro who is never afraid of speaking out his mind, was angered by a photo of Jalang’o taking selfies and videos during the Ayeiya’s burial.

Joji Baro

The multi-talented artiste told off Jalang’o and other Kenyan celebrities with such kind of behavior and asked them not to show up at his funeral if all they would do is take selfies instead of grieving with his family.


“Na kwa matanga yangu msikuje. Pigeni selfi two rivers. Not at my funeral. Kumbaf,” Joji Baro posted accompanied by the photo below.

Joji Baro vs Jalang'o