King Kaka

Rapper King Kaka has been blasted for praising Nyali MP Mohammed Ali former Jicho Pevu investigative journalist after he named a school after himself.

The First Girls Sec School in Nyali constituency (Mla Leo) since independence opening its doors on 13th Jan 2020.  #MjingaNimimi,’ Moha tweeted accompanied by the photos below.

Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Girls’ high school in Nyali

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali

The lawmaker was criticised heavily and some of the comments include;

Don Kipkorir Across ages & History, truly great & reformist leaders never left their names on any City, Street or building … Some even left a Will that their bodies be buried in secret places so as not to be shrines .. But in Kenya, small tinpot dictators put their names on public projects.

Nelson Namonywa Hon.Ken Okoth was the first Mp to construct a girl’s school using CDF money but he did not name the school after him but named it Mbagathi Girl’s school.He was not after cheap publicity but was committed to serving the people who elected him.

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Martin Kettienya Maybe people should stop naming schools, Hospitals and Roads built using public money after them. This school should have been named Nyali Girls High School. It’s the first Secondary school in that area and he calls it Mohamed Ali? Ah!

Abu Sakeena But bro,on this you are wrong. We know that it’s a trend in Mombasa and there are Kajembe High, Joho High, Bedsinva Secondary, Mishi Mabokoni Secondary School but we expected you to do things differently as promised in the campaigns We all know about Ken Okoth’s school!

Rapper King Kaka praised the Nyali MP for his ‘act of kindness’.

Good Job Mweshimiwa,’ the rapper tweeted.

It’s not clear whether Kaka’s message was sarcasm or not but his fans lashed out at him, questioning why he released Wajinga Nyinyi hit.

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Below are reactions to the rap heavyweight’s response

Mutabaruka We Kaka you need time out…what’s good about an MP doing what he’s elected to do? What’s good about naming a public school after himself? Incase of doubt refer to Ken Okoth’s similar school, na uwache ujinga

Njita @King Kaka I bet you want to join them..come 2022 tutakuona kwa ballot…ata Jaguar alikua apo na “kigeugeu”

Global Citizen @King Kaka Umechoma sana with that name… Alafu now we’re congratulating these characters for actually doing what they overpay themselves to do? Anyway #ujinga ndio excess Kenya.

Mwiti Sarcasm at its best… 😂

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