Babu Owino

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has publicly declared that he will be donating 50% of his salary to the country to help fight Coronavirus pandemic.

He posted this on his social media accounts after President Uhuru asked executives to take voluntary pay cuts.

Babu Owino
Embakasi East MP

President Uhuru announced that he and his DP will take 80% pay cut, Cabinet secretaries 30% and PSs 20%.

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Well, the controversial politician who shot DJ Evolve in the neck at Nairobi’s B-Club on January 17 posted,

I will donate 50% of my Salary to help fight CoronaVirus.

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His post ignited mixed reactions online, and many were angry, reminding him of the helpless disc jockey he shot who’s currently fighting for his life at Nairobi Hospital’s ICU.

Nimrod Mwimali Take care of the DJ’s medical bills first Mister.

Captain Lawi It makes completely no sense for you to donate 50% to fight coronavirus and there is DJ Evolve whom you shot still has unpaid bills. Stop being sarcastic

Ciku Muiruri Don’t you first have a hospital bill of a gunshot victim (yours!) to take care of?

Bravin Yuri: Hopefully DJ Evolve’s Bill is also part of this. He is a vulnerable person especially during this pandemic.

Silva Wangeci Just pay for DJ evolve the hospital bill achana na corona virus

Bri T On What about DJ Evolve ,his family needs food yet he is in hospital still being nursed ,then you are out there making noise how you will donate 50% of your salary,

Ken Kim Donate it first to cater for the DJs hospital bill mheshimiwa,😥 be human

DJ Evolve
DJ Evolve at the Nairobi Hospital

Edwin Obara Hello Babu. Please fight your ego and swallow your arrogance to begin settling Felix Orinda’s aka DJ Evolve’s hospital bills that have since escalated. DJ Evolve wouldn’t have been lying there today if you never got baselessly reckless with your firearm. Always remember that.

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Mabel Oyugi Lipia DJ Evolve na uwache panga’nga’

Philip Owino  Dj evolve cannot get corona he’s in hospital..i praise u buddy for saving his life in advance! Get well quick Evolve.

Martin Mungai Our Government will sort this Coronavirus issues, just clear DJ Evolve hospital bill and stop bragging yourself here.

Tutor Josphat Give that amount to Dj Evolve and save his life. Charity begins at home.

nkishkim Before donating the money to us, kindly gives us update on DJ’s health? Is he paralyzed or not? Do you still pay the hospital bill or you stopped? Babu the number of families have shed tears cos of killing their sons will forever haunt you. I know you know what am talking about, UoN comrade.

Echuman Koriang Na yule jamaa ulimpiga risasi?

Chrispus Mwathe Where is DJ Evolve?? Clear his hospital bill instead…side shows and attention seeking won’t help you…repent for attempting to take a life

Derick Misiko Dj Elvo is the only one who will set you free ata ukitaka utupeleke mars we avoid Corona what you did will never cease our minds and judgement towards you

Muthoni MarryAnne Have you cleared Dj Evolve’s bill yet?

Mjaka Fulani Settle DJ Evolve hospital bill first before you open your wide mouth.

Quite a number were happy with Babu’s gesture and below is whta they had to say;

mtu_wa_census I like ur initiative mheshimiwa, I say u r the best ahead of the rest MPs

Ndaru Joseph says,”Good people, let us learn how to appreciate good gestures from people, irrespective of their prior mistakes. I think @HEBabuOwino’s gesture is undoubtedly recommendable! We are not God to judge him every time, even when he is right. God bless you sir!!!!”

brianmwendwaboy Wow congrats mheshimiwa

Wakanda Let’s applaud Babu Owino’s philanthropic gesture and stop criticising him about DJ Evolve ‘s thing. Every saint has a past

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