Harry Wanyama

It’s always a wish for many of us to be rich kids. Although some are lucky to be born into wealthy families hence grow up knowing that they are rich kids, others actually hustle their way up to acquire the status.

Just like in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, Kenya also has a series of rich kids from various backgrounds. Some are sons and daughters of prominent people, politicians, sportsmen, diplomats and even musicians.

Well, the famous football dynasty The Wanyamas are among the rich kids of Kenya thanks to their talent. McDonald Mariga and Victor Wanyama’s prowess on the pitch has earned them the rich kid status despite being born from humble backgrounds.

Harry Wanyama, the youngest brother of the Wanyama’s is a great example of the real rich kids. This young lad is swimming in riches.

From cruising around in posh cars to globe-trotting to donning some of the most expensive shoes, he lives a lavish life many only dream of.

Rich Kids Of Kenyan Instagram: The Fabulous Lifestyle Of Victor Wanyama’s Younger Brother (PHOTOS)

Harry Wanyama owns thousands of designer shoes and this can be evident from his social media accounts.

His thousands of pairs of shoes can buy you acres of land in Nairobi’s suburbs. While some people, especially local celebrities who rewind a pair of shoe year in year out, this lad can wear a pair of shoes in a year without having to rewind it.

Isn’t being a rich kid the best thing one can ever wish for? His cheapest pair of shoes cost around $200 = Ksh. 20,000.

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