Mowzey Radio
Mowzey Radio. photo credit: Instagram/mowzeyradio

Father Deogratius Kateregga Kiibi is a name I want everyone to become acquainted with. Why? Well because the man is a godamn savage! the man of the cloth who is a priest at Rubaga Cathedral was tasked with giving the requiem mass for Mowzey Radio, the Ugandan artist who died following a vicious bar brawl at a Ugandan spot called De Bar.

Godamn most of his people wish he wasn’t the one doing the mass in hindsight because he was completely uncompromising. You see, when a man dies in the African society, people do not dare to speak on his shortcomings with any measure of honesty. More often than not what happens is that these guys opt not to speak about the person in detail. That is what happened at notorious Kenyan thief Mwanii’s funeral.

But Father Deogratius Kateregga Kiibi hapana tambua nyef nyef! He literally did his thing with all the honsety he held in his heart. Duriing the eulogy, the man of the cloth said,

“Let Mowzey radio’s death be a warning to others who want to die in similar circumstances.”



Real meme lol
Real meme lol. photo credit: memegen

He didn’t stop there the Catholic homie went on to say,

“Learn to handle the life of fame. However rich, everyone’s coffin will be square and not round. Nobody will be buried in an acre of their land.”