Jackson Kibor is back on the radar and this time it all has to do with the activities of his loins -or lack thereof.

The man who is known for having fired a gun with live rounds in its chamber at his son and mounting spikes on his car so he could do more damage to anyone he ran over (Mad Max would be so proud of him) is back in the news.

He had hitherto had a huge battle with his first wife and he promptly brought in a younger woman, his fourth wife, to bring some action of his bed-chambers. The woman in question, Eunita married Kibor back in early 2017 and since then, he hasn’t given his third wife peace. Now, he wants to divorce her after 43 years of marriage.

The veteran politician cites denial of conjugal rights, psychological suffering, desertion among reasons he wants to divorce his second wife. The defendant has failed to give the plaintiff emotional support and offer consortium and society as would be reasonably expected in any marriage. She has failed to show concern and empathy to the plaintiff’s emotional needs of love and companionship, thereby denying him marital rights  Kibor’s divorce application read in part.