Zeddy and Wa Kimani

Word on the street has it that comedian Wa Kimani, who featured on Churchill Show for quite a while is depressed.

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Speaking in an interview with Jalang’o, brave comedienne Zeddy confirmed the rumours saying Wa Kimani wanted to sell his kidneys at some point.

‘Majority of male comedians are suffering in silence. The men are educated, young but never speak up! Comedians Wa Kimani and Njoro are all suffering and they are struggling to make ends meet,’ she said.


Wa kimani hayuko pahali pazuri… unakumbuka ile accident yenye Ayeiya alikufa? He was the one driving the car and Ayeiya’s family wants him to pay them Ksh21 million for losing their son. He has been battling with depression since then.There is a time we talked and he told me manze Zeddy nimefika mwisho nataka kuchukua manila paper niende nikauze figo pale Nyayo [I have no other means and I’m contemplating selling my kidney].

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Zeddy, who left Churchill Show two years ago, added that,

Wasanii wanaumia. Most are faking their lifestyles.

Zeddy said she advised him not to do so and instead talk to the managers at Churchill Show.

‘His [Wa Kimani’s] family has run away from him,’ she said.

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