Nandy ALi Kiba

Singer Ali Kiba and Nandy have been flaunting cosy photos of each other after the release of their new song ‘Nibakishikie’.

Well, radio personality Diva The Bause, who is Ali Kiba’s ex said that she would have caused trouble if she was Amina, the singer’s wife.

Hizi Videos Hizi ningekuwa mi ni Amina mwenyewe ninge mind ….. Ila Kuolewa na wasanii aisee maumivu sana … ila wamependezana kwa video lol.
Ila Alikiba ka faidi katika hio sehemu Ya Kuoga.
ila Vumilia tu Wife wa dunia kaz ndio ilivyo hizi….

(I would mind, if I was Amina, because of these videos. But being married to an artiste is painful although they look lovely on the video. But Ali Kiba benefited if you look closely at the shower scene. His wife needs to perservere thats how their work is)

Wema Sepetu, who is also a close friend to Kiba insinuated that he and Nandy would make such a good couple.


Nandy is also engeged by rapper BillNass.

Ali Kiba’s wife not impressed by hubby and Nandy’s cosy photos