Njambi Koikai

Controversial NRG radio presenter Andrew Kibe is in hot soup.

A drew Kibe

Andrew Kibe, who never censors his words, has been slammed by Njambi Koikai among other celebrities.

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Njambi shared Kibe’s video and captioned:

I’m raging mad. I’ve been unwell and I stumbled on this crap. Trash. Firstly, a woman’s body belongs to her. The day you stop objectifying women’ is the day you will have sense, decency and some manhood.

yOU TALk ABOUT PERIODS LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT women go through during this process. You literally abuse us. You are now calling us dogs as well as our grandmothers. You are the biggest disgrace to men ever. You are vulgar, crass, crude, MANNER LESS, heartless, shameless, plain mean. This guy is even on a radio show. He is on a breakfast show. Now last I checked, media’s role is to offer edutainment. Inform and teach the masses, entertain the masses. Women are now being Insulted and called dogs In order to gain ratings. It’s sad. It’s crude. It’s shameful.

Njambi Koikai

Njambi Koikai, has been battling endometriosis for more than 10 years and every time she was on her periods, her lungs would collapse. She’s currently in USA recovering after undergoing a successful surgery.

Njambi Koikai

“As a little girl, I had big dreams. I was a geeky brainy child. Never did I think that life has it’s own twists and turns. I got my first period at 13. I’d catch the KBS to Ambassadeur and head to school. On this day though, I felt a certain sharp pain in my abdomen. Then I started sweating and you all know how those KBS buses would be so packed in the morning… I felt like I’d just been dropped in the middle of Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, the Sahara Desert and a little mix of Mombasa with Wajir. Joto mwenda.

I turned back and went home. Long story short, I’d started my period. That pain never left my body for the last 19years. Endometriosis ravaged me from the onset of my period. I learnt to live with it. I learnt to work with it. I learnt to scream and enjoy myself on radio and when i couldn’t work I’d call in sick. I learnt to chin up and read the news on TV with it. I learnt to live with pain. Pain has been a part of me for so long,” she wrote in part.

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 Andrew, who recently referred to his co-host Kamene Goro as a prostitute live on air, has become a topic o\f discussion on social media.