Bahati Wajinga Nyinyi

Rap heavyweight King Kaka has made history in Kenya with his explosive Wajinga Nyinyi song.

The rapper, whose real name is Kennedy Ombima in his jam addressed the problems facing the country among them corruption, bad economy, poor healthcare services, poor living conditions etc.

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#WajingaNyinyi! King Kaka exposes Sonko, Waiguru, MCSK in dope jam on fight against corruption

He called out corrupt politicians and criticised Kenyans for thinking with their ‘stomachs and not brains’ when it’s time for elections.

The close to 7-minute song has attracted more than 400k views, 56k likes, and almost 8k comments.

Well, gospel artiste Bahati has joined fellow artistes in congratulating King Kaka for being bold enough to speak about the country’s problems.

A Voice Sent By God @RabbitTheKing 🔥 #WajingaNyinyi Vote Wisely,’ he tweeted.

This didn’t go well with a section of Kenyans who bashed the singer, claiming he was among those who got fat cheques during 2017’s campaigns.

One Frank Mtetezi responded to Bahati and he tweeted,

Bahati with all due respect you have no any moral authority to lecture even a class 1 kid, bro kula pesa ya wakenya kwa amani #WajingaNyinyi #Wajingasisi #KingKaka , Thanks Sana King Kaka for reminding us sisi ni wajinga 

Check out reactions grom Kenyans on Wajinga Nyinyi song

Mwalimu Dida Kenya has about 50m citizens and less than 2000 elective positions. Ironically, when Kenyans get the opportunity to vote, they always pick the worst possible choices then spend the following 5 yrs crying. #WajingaNyinyi is a good piece of activist art. Thank you @RabbitTheKing

Collins Rono King kaka does his thing again. Weeping for my Country 😭 😭 😭
#WajingaNyinyi. Kudos @RabbitTheKing
Ezekiel Mutua @RabbitTheKing’s #WajingaNyinyi new release is evidence that we are a free country. He has used his creative licence to prick our conscience. Anyone defamed can seek legal redress, but as @InfoKfcb, we will not interfere with the production.

Erick Munene Ethics wasikize hiyo #WajingaNyinyi by King kaka,wapate content tunataka. Singing porn isn’t going to help Kenyan youth.

Bravin When we said Play Kenyan Music, this is the type of Content we were thinking and talking about. Hats off King Kaka.

Mundhir Abraham @RabbitTheKing
, summarized it for us all. From unemployment, to high tax, to corruption.. This is how rappers give back to the community. Thanks King Kaka.

Nahashin Kimemia King Kaka has started a conversation that we must finish. He did it from an angle that’s outside the political class or activist utopia. Let us talk, but above all, let us talk honestly. To other musicians, why are you still sleeping? The revolution is almost here. #WajingaNyinyi

Amakanji Thomas Honestly! Just listening to this part of #WajingaNyinyi boils my blood and i feel to revolt… is King Kaka our Bobi Wine
Music catches the heart, soul and mind and it breeds REVOLUTION ✊🏽

DJ Joe Mfalme #WajingaNyinyi Yaani wajinga sisi… Ain’t it the truth though.

Nyamao Just listened to #WajingaNyinyi by the King Kaka himself. Truth is mjinga mimi. The part where waiguru is now clean and can lecture us on corruption typifies the devils bravado. Impressive message King

Doctah Listening to that piece by king kaka and you realize just how fucked up the system is… King kaka tackled each issue that’s facing us as a country…. Heartbreaking 💔 #WajingaNyinyi