Luhya bae Vera Sidika is on demand!

Barely a month after breaking up with her Nigerian man Yommy there are millions of suitors who are asking for her hand in marriage. But will she accept their proposals?

Recently, Vera Sidika went on a rant after her Nigerian ex, Yommy Johnson, spoke to sections of the press, alleging that she aborted their unborn tot.

Vera put Yommy on blast, saying his seed is not worth her womb. She further claimed that she found out he is a scam artiste and that is why she dumped him.

In the Snapchat rant, Vera wrote, “You struggle to live in Burj Khalifa so people can assume you are rich yet you are struggling. Then use “I live in Burj Khalifa” so that you can scam women because they already believe you are rich. You ask them for money so that you can refund. You claim you gave me 5k but sleep on a 30 dollar couch? Why are you lying. Did you tell them that you borrowed me money?”

She also claimed that Yommy’s Porshe wasn’t his but was actually registered under the name of a different woman who used to visit Yommy in jail, where he was incarcerated for his fraudulent activities.

“The Porshe logbook is under the Hausa girl’s name. He was seeing her and when he finally found me, he left her and started showing her attitude, because he said ‘I’m the girl of his dreams and been hunting her for 2 years.’ He was probably lying to her too because he never gave this girl even a dollar, he treated her like trash.”

Vera also revealed that the guy was a conman.

“This man is bitter because he couldn’t use me for fraud. He tried but I put him on blast and declined every damn thing he said,” advising Yommy to “take the L and go”.

‘STUPID F**KBOY! I Can’t Get Pregnant,’ Vera Sidika Attacks Ex After He Alleged That She Aborted Their Baby (SCREENSHOTS)

The bootylicious socialite has moved on and she has revealed that she has bagged herself another man from Nigeria. Sidika claims her new man’s voice leaves her pants soaking wet yet they haven’t met.

Can you imagine what will happen when they meet?

Here are the screenshots from Vera’s Snapchat


Vera Sidika





Vera Sidika


Vera Sidika


Vera Sidika

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