The interwebs have been aghast when news broke that comedian Othuol Othuol was deserted by people he deemed to be his friends.

Othuol, 31, passed away on Sunday evening while receiving treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital for a brain tumour.

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Before his death, Othuol did an interview with Milele FM’s Chris Da Bass and he set the record straight.

“I appreciate Jalango so much, Otoyo, churchill and other artistes in general. Hata Shiti and MCA Tricky they are my neighbours na wamenisaidia sana.”

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Othuol however shed light on the ugly side of being broke and ailing.

“Going though this has taught me to know who my real friends are. Imenifunza sana. Ukikua mgonjwa inakuturn you into a beggar so when you ask for help from your friends wanachoka.”

Othuol then revealed,

“I have friends who blocked me and you know them.”

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