Vivian in fuschia

Vivian and Sam West had a big ruracio and the white wedding is on the way.

The two have been dating for quite some time and when Sam West decided to pop the question on national TV things became serious.

The two went for a vacation to Dubai and they seem like they are having a very good time staying at the Atlantis, the Palm. Vivan was to headline a show in Dubai and being the good husband Sam West is, he decided to accompany her for love and support.

Vivian and Sam West in Dubai

Of course, when you travel to a new place, the best part is the tour and shopping. Keeping in mind that Vivian is almost getting married, she went window shopping for a wedding gown to one of the most expensive shops in Dubai, BCB GM Axazria.

As they were walking around the mall, she mentioned to her fiancee Sam West she wants to buy a gown there.

babe, this where i want to buy my wedding dress has the lowdown on the cost of the wedding gown from that particular shop.

Sam West and Vivian
Sam West and Vivian
  1. Neckless

From the site, this neckless would cost her ksh13,800 for her to stand out as the bride.


2. Shoes

A good heel to help her manage walking up and down as the bride. This would cost her like Ksh19,800


3. Of course, the gown is the most important thing to a bride -other than the groom. From the site, the range is ksh39,000 – ksh68,000. The dress below is ksh68,000. Of course, I picked the most expensive one as Vivian is not a cheap girl.


Planning is usually the most stressful part of a wedding. The groom needs to pour out a lot of money and the bride needs to trek a lot, from shop to shop, planner to planner to make sure her wedding is what she has always dreamt of.

They have already had their traditional wedding but it would seem they are going to also have a white wedding.

Kutoka mbali! Is this what it cost Vivian and Sam West to visit Dubai for one week?

Sam West
Sam West

Even as they are enjoying their time in Dubai, they are still working. Sam West is set to hold another comedy show and his fiance is going to support him and be the guest artiste.

Watch the video below of Vivian and Sam window shopping for her dress: