Vivian has been giving Kenyans a lot of her day-to-day life on social media over the past few months.

Her aim is just to create a conversation on topics she feels need to be discussed in today’s society especially among the youth.

This time Vivian took to social media with a post about the way she has been manifesting some form of prophecy in her life.


She talked about a certain dream where all her friends became enemies doing evil against her. Friends who turned into enemies with no love nor compassion just betrayal.

This past week I had a dream about the apocalypse.
In my dream friends that I trusted had turned from their good ways and were now evil. There was no love, kindness, compassion.. instead there was deception, betrayal, evil intentions…

According to Vivian, that dream is all about the disappointment she has had from the lost relationships. The statement seems more of a regret from her past and all she wants now is positive vibes.

Sema kusota! You won’t believe how much Vivian earned before fame

I interpreted my dream to mean that I had feelings of disappointment, hurt and pain from lost relationships, lost opportunities…

Vivian was able to interpret her dream which is something only oneirocritics can do. Does this mean that she has another calling other than being an artiste?

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