Vivian and Sam West together

Vivian, and her fiance Sam West are planning to have a white wedding in 2019. The Chum hitmaker revealed to Radio Jambo’s Massawe that:

The wedding arrangements are in progress

The two celebrated their ruracio ceremony early this year after Sam, who doubles up as Vivian’s manager, proposed to her last year during an interview on live TV.

It is easier to date him because he was and is still my manager and music is all about lifestyle. Your exposure is big and therefore you need someone close to you every time

The singer, however, said she is not sure when she will be getting a baby with Sam West.

I don’t know if I want to get babies but if they come, it is okay with me. Although it is not right to put pressure on getting a baby

You have to have embraced the decision of getting kids. When babies come, they come with a lot of responsibility, which every woman has to be ready to adapt to.

Sam West and Vivian
Sam West and Vivian

Her worst embarrassment on stage was when her zipper came out as she was performing.

I once had my zipper torn while performing and had to stop my performance and go make it. Sam came on stage and made it for me, a great challenge of managing female artiste. It was the most embarrassing thing on stage


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