Vivian and Sam West in Dubai
Vivian and Sam West in Dubai

Vivian journeyed to the Arabian deserts last week with her husband Sam West. The two stayed at the Atlantis, the Palm. They were seeing the sites and scenes of the beautiful Emirati.

Vivian in Dubai

Sam had been accompanying his wife to an event she was performing at. She was also performing for music revellers in one of the venues.

Vivian in Dubai

She shared this information in one of her Instagram posts. She wrote:

“Am so humbled. They came in numbers just to see me. Am almost crying. From a humble background in Eastlands to International platforms.” 

The video is below:

As the two visited the city in the sand, we here at Mpasho.coke tried to estimate what it would cost to go to Dubai for a week, just travelling, si kutafuta job.

Vivian in Dubai
At the hotel balcony


Plane tickets are the most important. The estimates are for one person. They would cost:

Screenshot of plane ticket
Screenshot of plane ticket cost

358,000 shillings for a return ticket. While the one week cost for the hotel would cost:

Screenshot of Hotel cost

The hotel cost for the seven days is 208,200 shillings. Incidentals expenses like food, visits to tourist attractions can add up price by another 100,000 shillings.

Vivian in Dubai
Visiting one of the tourist attractions

So the total cost could add up to the magic number of 666,000. Ngai! Illuminati! Multiply that by two and you get that they may have spent 1,332,000 shillings. Is this what it cost Vivian and Sam West to visit Dubai for one week?

Is this what it cost Sam and Vivian to visit the city of modern masterpieces?

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