Maina Kageni

Kenyans have revealed some of the weird reasons they chose to get married to the people they are currently with, with many saying they have regrets.

Most always say it is because of the kids but is that always the case?

Below are some of the reasons

*Ken says

‘Sometimes you are under so much pressure from parents,and the society as a whole so you just pick one woman and marry her.

In most instances you don’t love her.’

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Another added

‘You pick a woman and make her to be your dream wife,there is nothing like woman of your dreams ,there is no perfect person.

A person may look beautiful but kwa ground vitu ni different.

You have to find one reason to love that person you are married to.’

Another added

‘You pick that mad person and make them what you want them to be.

When you know what irks them you try and stay away from it.

If you want a perfect person you will wait for your whole life,story ni kutengenezana.’

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*Henry said that he had been married to someone for 8 years.

‘I was married to someone for 8 years the first four years were perfect, between the 5th and 6th year is when trouble started.

She left and moved around with other men before she realized all men are dodges.

She then decided to come back to me but I had already moved on.’

Henry added

‘I found the lady I am currently married to at 25 years and she was still a virgin,I thank God for her everyday, we have had a very sweet marriage.

Life depends on the decisions you make and how you take life.’

Captain Kale said

‘I think you always meet garbage type of women, women who don’t have any future as far as marriage is concerned.

wale wanawake wa “I can do without a man” kosokoso saitan, tell them to come meet some of us, senji nugu.’

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