Most people don’t know that Nana Gecaga is a party animal.

They only know her as the Kenyatta International Conference Centre boss, yaani, the Managing Director.

The bauuusss lady.

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Nana GecagaBut y’all need to know that Nana is a cool cat.

She has worked with the best talent in Kenya and Africa. She has organised successful events and concerts that saw thousands attend.

In 2009, Nana was instrumental in securing the MTV Africa Music Awards that earned Kenya a lot of fame locally and internationally.

Now, you will understand why as a boss she still couldn’t quash the urge to act like a ‘good ol gee’.

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The video was shot during what looks like an office party. Nana who is dressed as a chef is filmed lip-synching to one of the legendary hip-hop icon, Notorious B.I.G’s hits.

She doesn’t shy away from acting all gangsta on stage during her performance.

Here is a front seat to the performance, for you. Get comfortable and enjoy the best of Nana the hip-hoper.