Dennis Muigai Ngengi

Dennis Muigai Ngengi, the mystery man christened ‘the witnesser’ is trending on social media. Mr. Ngengi, who is said to have witnessed the horrific accident that killed Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru and the October 21st Lake Nakuru Chopper crash, has left Kenyans surprised.

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The self-proclaimed businessman was heading back to Nairobi from Nyeri when he witnessed the governor’s car crash.

“I was coming to Nairobi from Nyeri and i was right behind Governor Gakuru’s car.  The driver of the governor’s car was confused by a motorbike rider who was carrying meat. The motorbike rider joined the road blindly… So while avoiding to hit the rider, the governor’s driver swerved off the road, and that’s when they rammed into the rail. My car then moved to the other side of the road and it wasn’t until we were a little further ahead that we noticed the tyres fly off the car… I was being driven by a female officer”

Well, Muigai Ngengi has finally spoken out addressing claims that he was the witness in the two accidents.

Denis Muigai Ngengi

He revealed that he only witnessed Governor Wahome Gakuru’s car accident but not the chopper crash that killed five people even though videos from the two incidents show that the two witnesses resemble each other, same names, walking in crutches and wearing same goggles.

Eye Witness


“I was not the witness in the Lake Nakuru Chopper crash,” said Mr. Ngengi DURING AN INTERVIEW WITH CITIZEN DIGITAL.


“In our family, there are several people called Dennis Muigai Ngengi, maybe we are related.”

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When he was interviewed during the Nakuru crash, he introduced himself as a ‘state pilot’ and Kenyans are not certain yet that Dennis Muigai Ngeng, the main witness of the governor’s car accident is different from the one who gave an account of how the chopper crashed. Here are some of the comments from social media;

Elvis: Very strange! How did he witness two high profile tragedies in a span of few weeks, miles apart?

Dennis: The same eyewitness, a man named Dennis Muigai Ngengi in 2 different high profile death sites in less than a month? Do you smell a rat?

Nesh: Only in Kenya busy minds forgets whole days events to be available at the scene of Accident till late to report as a witness….

Rufas: Anyway, how fast does the eye witness change his profession?? And where are state pilots stationed??

Harris: I can’t deal…. My brain needs a break

Julie: The current chairman of eyewitnesses Association

Winnie: No wonder he has to wear those glasses because the things his eyes see only ancestors know

Dennis Muigai Ngengi

Adda: We don’t care whether he witnessed or not. But why is he present at the scene of these two accidents its so controversial

Wimbo: This one brings more questions than answers

Rose: This is Kenya

Wambura: Wow! So a businessman is driven by a female officer