Nick Odhiambo
Photos of Nick Odhiambo before and after shaving his dreadlocks trademark

Former Classic presenter now Radio Maisha morning show host Nick Odhiambo has ditched his dreadlocks trademark look for a short hair do, after seven years. The multitalented comic and media personality, who always voices funny characters on XYZ, is known for his panty-dropping voice and he is arguably the best voice-over artiste around.

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Well, Nick Odhiambo has transformed into a handsome man and women can’t resist him although some including his daughter cannot believe that he indeed shaved his dreadlocks.

Nick Odhiambo
Photos of Nick Odhiambo before and after shaving his dreadlocks trademark

“My lil’ brownin in disbelief after having the honour of chopping the 1st lock! “
Odhis the #ChickMagnet .Slay Queens you may throw yourselves at me!!’ he posted on social media.

Check out the reactions

Missmyudneey: Looking fine man

Vinny: Now you look 46 not 64😂😂😂

Tinakaggia: Brownin has grown!!! She can’t rekokonise you😂😂😂😂

Masero: Acha jokes bwanaa, Nick the last thing I expect.. shaving your dreads Br

Bonny: You even scared that kid.

Ruth: That kid’s expression#pricelesss

Oscar: Mmmm huyu sasa atakuwa king fisi Nairobi hii

Carol: Yeeeeeeey🙌🙌🙌looking waaaaaaay better minus the locks

Patrick: Nick at least hivi bro, dread zilikuwa zakutoa mbaya jo

Willys: Umeamua kutoka Kwa business community ?

Renema: I do hope, shaving yo hair haven’t changed yo voice,,, mmmmmmh,,,

Wanyama: Baada ya kunyoa ukakonda USO mkwehu😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀anyway you look smart!! Please call me!

Dorina:  You look more handsome than before big papa

Vincent: It’s great u have ceased from being mungiki

Humphrey: Ulichoka kulala Kama umevaa stockings kwa kichwa 😂😂😂

Lizz: Slay King I can’t stop smiling, finally….

Rachel: You look so handsome…inbox your….

Beatrice: You really look good Nick 👍🏾

Lucie:  At least you look much better now

Nyalego:  You look much younger#newbeginnings#

Jose: Unapatia slay king Ababu competition?

Jesica: Looking soo good Nick

Agnes: Slay king juu amenyoa hatulali leo

Atieno: You look so amazing Nick.

Christine: A change is as good as a rest, but to me, you looking better in dreads bro…

Judie: I swear you look gorgeous without those dreads

Okeyo: No Nick this is f***d up. Locks looked better or we will get used to this new look 👀 Omera tek but will try to get used to it haraka

Here are the photos


Nick Odhiambo


Nick Odhiambo


Nick Odhiambo

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