Janet Mbugua with and without makeup

Janet Mbugua is a bold woman. She’s never afraid of who she is. The gorgeous mother is among the few celebrities who’ve developed a thick skin and trolls do not bother her anymore.

Janet Mbugua wit Amina
Janet Mbugua wit Amina Abdi


In 2015, Janet Mbugua was trolled after photos of her wedding went viral and she recently responded to keyboard warriors explaining what happened on her special day. (Click on the link below to read the full story)

Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Didn’t Wear A Bra On Her Wedding Day

Well, the former Citizen TV anchor, who is heavily pregnant with her second child, has been working with top corporates after calling it a day in the media industry.

A few days ago, during a natural skincare remedies session, Janet Mbugua shared a photo without makeup and oh my! She looked beautiful.

“I’m makeup free in my new video as I show you 3 natural skin care remedies that I use often. Yes, make up free! ‘ she wrote accompanied by the photo below.

Her followers even urged her to ditch makeup and rock natural look while some adviced her to stick to makeup.

The photo ignited mixed reactions and here are some of the comments:

Colosalfish: That’s the natural Janet we want to see, looking good gal

Essie Elsie: I almost didn’t recognize you, Janet. You’re beautiful and such a glowy natural face…

Suz: You look good without makeup

Msofoundation: Indeed makeup does transform one.

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Vilma Katumbi Nzilia: Beautiful without makeup

Marsha: I do not get why black women feel the need to defend their beauty. They like no makeup and loving it or no makeup and I just don’t care or and loving me or black don’t crack … Like your caption ‘Yup, makeup-free and loving me!’ Really sounds like your trying to amaze us right now👀 ..I feel like your trying to convince us that you do not mind ur natural self but think about it why try to convince us @officialjanetmbugua 👀.. who told us that we need a mask on (makeup face) to get others to accept how we look… We need to figure out how to make a black girl want their natural selves because it is really discouraging that when someone puts their natural beauty on social media it becomes something to get amazed about why is it a big deal like why?… …I ain’t saying I’m perfect I ain’t throwing no shade Janet but I thought this is something we need to think about especially because you are an influencer.

Rachel Jewels: Achana na makeup. Dope

Essy Mbugua: You and the Janet Mbugua I know are two different people! Anyway natural is good!

Nyvel Supa: Makeup does wonders, beautiful though.