Eunice Mammito
Eunice Mammito and Eddie Butita. photo credit: file

Churchill Show comedian Eunice Mammito is the fastest up and coming comedienne in the local laugh industry.

The tall dark-skinned lass is known for her rib cracking jokes and who knows, she might be the next Kansiime if she works extra hard.

Itabidi Ukule Kwa Macho! Sexy Photos Of Churchill Show Comedian Mammito Surface

Mammito is currently dating a fellow comedian Eddie Butita and recently, the young lovebirds moved in together. The pair attended this year’s Groove Awards ceremony and they looked all glammed up. They even went ahead to take a photo on the red carpet that left many talking for days.

Eunice Mammito

What a perfect match made in heaven?

Well, recently Mammito shared a photo posing with a gigantic man that sent tongues wagging. Has he replaced Butita? Many were left asking themselves this question but it seems the man in the picture is just one of her many fans.


Check out some of the comments

Princess: Haha huyo na sponsor ama

Nyanza: @mammitoeunice How many of you Mamito make up that huge man

Sophy: Huyo na mtungi wa lita ishirini huwezi beba uletee Mama maji

Mwabini: He needs work out, seriously

Mane: The reason why I always pray God to bless me with my own car………

Antonio: Monster morning ??? afadhali kujisponsor. ???

Jackie: Mammito huyo ni sponsor mwenye umekuwa ukiongelelea kuhusu wa documentary????

Maureen: Ewoi and the giant

Frank: Huyoo jamaa anaweza chongwa akatoka wanne kama wewe

Lagat: Wah! Mara hii umeangukia babaya ????@mammitoeunice

Eunice: Kwani huyu ni Goliath???

Penina: Ngaaiiiiii…..fafa

Abdul: Wuuuuiii!! Ni mnono na mgiant sana

Mary: Observe earthquakes you might find yourself in trouble

Innocent: Mjusi juu ya gogo