Waiguru this time is making headlines and no it has nothing to do with alleged looting.

So if you did not know, Waiguru is the Kinrinyaga Governor. So far, her Kirinyaga peeps are happy with the work she has done.

Yesterday she launched Wanguru Market. That was one of the promises she gave her people once she got the seat as Kirinyaga governor.

During the launch of the Kirinyaga market, she was the climax entertainment. Together with her team, they danced to Katika by Diamond featuring Navy Kenzo following the lead of the MC.

One thing you have to agree with me is that Waiguru can Gwaragwara. She can do it better than I can and I am sure most of you.

After she posted the video, she wrote:

Kirinyaga’s Got Talent!! DG, MCAs & I got to dust off our dancing skills with this talented youth group from Mwea.

She clearly has a sense of humour.

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Here is a video of Waiguru and her team getting down on stage in Kirinyaga:


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