Eric Omondi

You have probably heard of the new Mr steal your girlfriend. The once slim and lanky lass has transformed into a stout storky new look Eric Omondi.

He has been flashing his new body on Instagram bragging of snatching people’s girlfriends with his appetizing body.



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He has dared to brag to the likes of Khaligraph Jones on his Instagram page. Content creator Terrence Creative and comedian Mulamwah have decided to shut the funny man up by doing a similar challenge while shirtless to show who is boss.

Eric Omondi came back with a boom, after launching his own studio, to showing fans his remarkable body transformation, he has become the new talk of the town.

Eric has gone ahead to warn people to hide their girlfriends at this rate and content creator Terrence creative with the help of his wife Milly Chebby decided to slam him by shooting a video of him shirtless.

In the video Terrence was oiling his body as his wife shot the video as he mocked Eric Omondi, claiming that Eric has been busy bragging about his toned body especially the chest area something that his likes have owned for over 20 years and shutting him by telling him to stop posting pictures of himself.

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Eric’s pictures have also led to the likes of fellow comedian Mulamwah to also follow suit by also taking a shirtless video bragging of owning a toned body. He claims it is thanks to the tough work he did in Kitale. Eric has mocked Mulamwah jokingly that a well-toned body is not about working at the construction site



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Comedian Karishizzo Mashizzo popularly known as Shaniqwa also shared their video imitating Eric Omondi when shirtless with both Mulamwah and Karishizzo adding their usual comic side to excite Kenyans.

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Other fellow comedians such as internet sensation Crazy Kennah and Henry Desagu are also some of the names that have taken up the body transformation challenge cracking the ribs of Kenyans.


Eric has mocked the likes of Terrence, Mulamwah and Shaniqwa and pricked Khaligraph Jones while challenging him.

The funnyman has taken to his Instagram page to share a throwback photo of Khaligraph Jones before fame and the OG responded with also a photo grid pic of his toned body one year ago compared to Eric Omondi’s body a year ago.

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