Men love women who can dance in heels. They love them even more if they can break out into a seductive pole dance. In. Heels.

Karen ‘Kaz’ Lucas has done just that.

Team Mafisi are just chanting TIBIM as they grab the lotion.


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Kaz has been MIA from the music arena for quite some time now. However, she has a weekly podcast which the “morality police” caught a huge amount of feelings over.

At the time, Kaz and Nini Wacera who work on the podcast had run out of fax to give.

Anyhow, lets go back to the story at hand. Kaz has been working on her fitness and decided to enroll for pole dance lessons.

Beside that, she also takes Ariel Yoga.

Kaz wrote, “My fitness life is so bae. So today I went for my first Ariel yoga class. It’s just soooo much fun and another excuse to work on my upper body strength. Loooooove it! Where fitness is concerned, do things that are fun and you won’t have any problems working out.”

KazBecause we are good people, we compiled a number of videos of Kaz pole dancing. Just for you.

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Check out some reactions from mafans…

bonnibrews: Ommagod!!! I listen to your podcast and I love it so much! I usually listen on my bike commute. I’ve listened with my partner too, he likes you guys πŸ˜‰ I also love beginner pole class that I go to! They have a twerking class but it’s so hard for me. You are beautiful. I love the hair flip.

motherofdragones: Hot as f*ck!

sosewit: Lawd! If I wasn’t intimidated by the moves, the shoes did me in. Are they mandatory?

karenkazlucas responded, “hahaha.. not at all. I started in sneakers then went barefoot and now I’m in heels.”

munahjane complimented Kaz saying, “My husband says you are getting better.”

Actress Liz Konstantaras added,Oooh I also started pole lessons, I’m in my 3rd week. So invigorating I must say.. I love it!”