Nadia Mukami addresses Otile Brown's claim that E.A doesn't have an international musician

• Otile's comments sparked a furious debate among musicians in the region.

Nadia Mukami
Image: Instagram

Nadia Mukami has opened up about the statement Otile Brown made last week about East Africa having no International artists.

Otile sparked the debate last week during an interview with Oga Obinna where he said that EA artists need to work harder.

Nadia was recently interviewed by Kalondu Musyimi and was asked to comment on that sentiment. Laughing and giving it some thought, she responded,

"Ah wow, are there any international artistes in East Africa?" she repeated.

"What exactly is an international artiste? You know, but I think how I'm gonna answer this question is I think kuna wasanii wamejaribu sana. We cannot discredit their works. Diamond amejaribu sana, nani mwingine? Sauti Sol has really tried coz us anytime we travel outside those people who don't know you will say to us we just know Sauti Sol."

Nadia appeared to disagree with his sentiments.

"So that means they've sold their work. So as much as someone can argue that way, for me, I would say we cannot discredit that there are artists in East Africa who have international recognition.

Sauti Sol are like legendary right now. In East Africa, I would say they are known more, and Diamond as well. So I think ni sijui... it's just that we shouldn't discredit the fact that there are artists who have worked hard to at least represent us out there."

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Watch the interview below:

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