Vera spent Sh500k more shipping daughter's bed compared to the buying price

• The socialite has complained bitterly about importation costs into Kenya.

Vera Sidika and her daughter.
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika has been toiling to provide only the best that money can buy for her children. The socialite while in the US in 2023, showed the items she had bought for her son and daughter, saying that she spared no expense.

All the gifts for Princess Asia and Prince Ice Brown were designer with the socialite now fulfilling a promise she made to fans to show off her daughter's luxurious room. 

The room brags of shoes, bags, hairbands, and dresses from only the best luxury brands one can imagine. The room tour was shared on her TikTok where she revealed the price of Asia's bed, which was shipped in from the UK.

"Am so obsessed with her room," the mother of two captioned.

She spent a total of sh800k; having spent sh300k on the bed, and sh500k for shipping. 

The socialite complained bitterly about importation costs. She was responding to a TikTok user Tayla Monroe who asked, "Vera how much did you buy Asia's bed please."

Vera said, "The bed was 300k and shipping 500k, total 800k."

Separately she added;

"So this went for around 1800 pounds. That's like 300k, but shipping guys, ngaiii shipping weuh!!! I learnt the hard way. Shipping is like buying a new bed.

Shipping was 1200 pounds if I'm not wrong. So everything came to around half a million. Jezzz things Kids make us do. But guess what? I didn't have such a bed growing up, I want my kids to experience the best of the best so it's nothing," she admitted.

Asia's pairs of shoes are from Loius Vuitton and Channel. They are openly displayed with the boxes they were bought in.

Asia's headbands appear unique and custom-made. The accessories range from turbans to ruffle bows, The collection of shoes as well is handsomely displayed along open shelves.

Lydia❤️💖💞✨.....Asia's two pair of shoes is equivalent to all my outfit,,,, life no balance 😅😅😅

bentamary4....😂😂😂weeeeeh their is Asia and their is us

user6714129735082.....Beautiful Asia room very lucky baby

beibybeiby3......hio bed 800k inakuja na hao ama. Room ya Asia ni kubwa kushinda bedsitter za plot yetu

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