Man beating woman

It seems that videos of gender-based violence seem to be popping up every day. Last week we had two that were shocking to say the least.

The first was happened in Makueni were a man called Nzomo furiously attacked his wife. Beating and clubbing his subdued wife. He was promptly arrested after the cops launched a man-hunt for him. A great ending will be him being convicted for such violence.

People did not care for the reason he was mauling her. His actions were rightfully criticized. Another video emerged last week that showed a woman being beaten a group of two men. The shocking thing is that there was no intense hue and cry for this woman.

Why? Apparently she had being putting mchele in men’s drinks and had been discovered, hence the kichapo.

Yesterday another video emerged on the inter-webs showing a drunk man being tandikwad by a very furious woman. The video showed the man being kicked and slapped by the visibly agitated woman. The language they are speaking is in Kikuyu and she demands 200 shillings that he apparently owes her.

Domestic violence must end. We need justice for this man who was beaten by this heartless woman. #ArrestHer.

Posted by Ig Maumau Ragira on Sunday, August 5, 2018

The flogging video has again called for the woman to be arrested. My question is why the discrepancy? Why does one video elicit so much fury but another with nearly similar patterns silence?

This is a hard one for me. Maybe, it is the human morality system or natural law at play. The visibly weaker being defended by society. But this raises the question, when is it o.k to beat someone?

Should society as a whole condemn and refuse ALL gender-based violence? Or is it to be case by case basis which is in essence arbitrary and malleable to ones own interpretation like in the instances above?

Me, I don’t have the answers. But I feel that this conversation should be had because we will surely see more of this incidents happening in the future.

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