Tumiso Mathenge

David Mathenge popularly known as Nameless and Wahu Kagwi are a great power couple.

They have been in the music for over 20 years and they are still relevant up to date despite many having faded away into insignificance.

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The celebrity power couple is blessed with two adorable daughters Tumiso (a teenager) and Nyakio.

The young family is adored by many thanks to their realness and clean image.

Ever heard Nameless of Wahu involved in a cheating scandal?

Nameless, Wahu and their kids

Last week their firstborn Tumiso celebrated her birthday and below are things you didn’t know about her.

1. She is 14 years old

Nameless with his firstborn daughter Tumiso

2. Her name is Tumiso Mathenge

Tumiso is a South African name of Tswana origin and means Praise. In some communities, it means praise of God and To God be the praise.

3. She was a video vixen

She is the young baby who was featured in Wahu Kagwi’s sweet love music video five years ago.

Tumiso Mathenge

Wahu used photos of her heavily pregnant with Tumiso in the music video that ruled the airwaves back then.

Celebrating her 14th birthday, Nameless penned a sweet message to her which read,

If you were old enough to vote for Sweet love to win the mama (MTV Africa Music Award) asante,  lakini tukubali wewe ni mzee, 😜😜…because today the toddler in sweet love video turns 14 years today..fam, help me with @tumi.mathenge a happy blessed birthday. Tumi, you are a blessing to me, your family, and the world👌🏾… Keep shinning your positive light to everyone you meet😊

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4. She is a conservationist 

Tumiso runs Wildlife Savers page on Instagram where she posts wildlife-related stuff. She also engages in tree planting activities a lot.

In June 2019, she was awarded a trophy and Sh20,000 by the ministry of environment after she emerged top in an essay writing competition.


5. She is a good dancer

Videos of her and her parents dancing to different beats are onb social media and many are wowed by her dance moves.