Bus companies in this country have sometimes divided opinions when it comes to how they are driven. But something that we can all agree on is that the an accident that involves one of this behemoths is normally catastrophic.

Just remember the tragic accident that happened this past weekend in Mwingi for proof. 11 students of St Gabriel Primary School have already lost their lives in the crash.

The bus the pupils were travelling on
The bus the pupils were travelling on

The driver who was overs-speeding and also overtaking at the time of the crash will be arraigned to day in court.

Barely a day after this tragic event, a new video clip has emerged showing a popular bus company having their bus being driven very dangerously.

The video clip was taken on an unknown road but most likely the Nairobi Mombasa Highway, probably near Voi and shows the Mash Poa being driven on the wrong side of the road.

The impatient driver seeks to overtake the trailer that he is following and does so on the left-hand side. The video which was posted on Peter Karanja’s Facebook page shows the bus raising a huge cloud of smoke as it overtakes the trailer.

While the driver may think that he is smart and cunning to use the edge of the road to overtake, the crazy consequences of such a move backfiring are many. The video is below:

Boarding Mash Poa buses is booking a ticket to death.,WATCH…

Posted by Peter Karanja on Sunday, August 5, 2018

When we called Mash Poa for a comment, the spokes-lady refused to speak about the video, saying that it any comment is given in person.

Let us hope that the company takes the necessary steps to deal with this driver cause next time the passengers may not be so lucky.

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