Thug life meme
Thug life meme. photo credit:

Cops can be shameless sometimes.

One cop took the shamelessness to a whole new level

He demanded a bribe from his own boss. Not his immediate boss, the boss of all bosses in his resident country, the president.

‘They Hit Me With A Gun On My Side And Had A Lady Police Probe My Private Parts,’ Joy Doreen Recounts Her Dramatic Movie Like Ugandan Arrest

A video that has since gone viral shows a cop getting a proper dress down from what looks like President Nana Akufo-Addo, who won the 2016 presidential election against the incumbent, John Dramani Mahama, by a margin of 9.45%.

He seems to be driving himself. His back left passenger films the incident.

“You stop these things, One day I will Arrest you, people. When will you stop it? Change your attitude, Ghana will never move on with this attitude,” he said.

How to avoid being mugged in Nairobi

Check out the video below.


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