Last night’s event hosted by Eric Wainaina at Live At The Elephant turned chaotic when Governor Mike Sonko’s city council askaris raided the concert.

Eric’s invite to the event read, “With the revival of Live At The Elephant and the inception of the ‘Concert in the Round’ concept. My producers and I are glad to see that it has brought you closer to the music, literally and figuratively, and allowed you to experience the incredible performances that much more intrinsically.”

He added, “Continuing on with my weekly residency, Eric Wainaina and Friends, tomorrow we have the ever so sensational Xenia performing alongside me.”

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However, the event did not go as planned. The city council askaris stormed the venue and took sound equipment with them.

One of the fans who was displeased with the interruption shouted back at them saying,

“Itabidi mutupige risasi. [You will have to shoot us to silence us]”

The city council askaris were also filmed manhandling Eric’s fans.

One fan is heard saying,

“Please come slowly, that is a woman. You punched a woman! are You f*cking kidding me.”

Photo of the city council askari who raided Eric Wainaina’s event.

At the same time, one can hear the screams of a woman being manhandled at the back.

She asks, “How can you punch me?”

Another person can be heard telling the power-drunk askaris to

“Do things slowly, guys can you relax. relax.”

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Eric Wainania is also seeing trying to talk to the askaris to explain that his event is fully licenced.

Here is a video captured by a tweep who posted the altercation.

Check out the entire video below.

Governor Mike Sonko akaris raided Eric Wainaina's fully licensed concert at The Elephant

Posted by Mpasho News on Saturday, July 13, 2019

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