Somebody tell Amina Abdi to filter what goes on in her social media.

Remember when she was busy touching Neomi Ng’ang’a boobs and we were all like how now?

Bedroom matters in the bedroom please!


This time, she was getting dressed by the very talented designer Brian Babu then she decided to entertain her fans and Babu’s fans.

Brian Babu took a video of her shaking her ass to the public saying it grew over night.

He said:

“[My] Client [has] grown an ass overnight. Oneni tu hiyo matako yote …Hii haga imetoka wapi like haikukuwa last week ona tu yote, imejaa kwa jumpsuit.”

She even went down to bend over for the gram and even spank herself. Yes Amina Abdi, John Rabar’s wife is that freaky.

Wololo! Mayooo! Amina Abdi Squeezes Radio Presenter’s Nyonyo As She Chokes On Shisha (Photos)

I don’t know about you but somethings I would rather do them behind the scenes just for me and my friends and not for the public eye.

Okay, later on she must have come back to her senses and asked for the video to be pulled down, but we here in Mpasho always has the exclusive stories.

Watch the booty shaking video below: