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Suzziah and Elvis are two extremely talented young musicians every Kenyan is talking about. The two are on Kiss TV’s The Search, which airs every Sunday at 8pm.

They have proven not to be your average artistes since the show started.

The two are blessed to have powerful voices that can move you to tears. If you don’t believe me, tune in to the show this Sunday.

However, everyone has a life story to tell. They did not reach there by luck. It has been all hardwork and commitment. They got to talk about this recently.

In an interview with Kiss FM, they shared their journey to stardom. For Suzziah, she realized that she could actually sing when a friend of hers mentioned it to her when she was young. Ever since, she’s perfected her craft.

Elvis on the other hand knew he was meant to be a singer at a tender age. This prompted him to join a choir.

To know more about the super talented contestants,watch the video below;