Valentine’s is a day that many approach with joy and mirth, while others see it as a waste of time. A couple in Nairobi clearly believed the myth of the day and decided to celebrate it.

In a viral video, the couple is seen arguing after the gentleman comes late for the date. The visibly pissed woman is heard talking at the man and gesturing widely as he desperately tries to keep her calm.

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The young lady who had dressed up for her Valentine’s date refuses to be comforted. She even tells the man that she had many other date offers and the guy shouldn’t be ‘mistreating’ her. The man is then seen giving her the flowers he had bought.

If the man thought that that would have calmed her down, it didn’t. In fact, it had the opposite effect as the lady proceeded to grab the flowers and then stomped on them.

She then leaves. The visibly hurt man looks at her receding presence as she storms off. The unashamed man then calmly picks up the flowers (where is this guy’s pride?). That for you is love in the age of the sponsor culture. Sad.

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Check out the video below:

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