Citizen TV reporter Victoria Rubadiri has said becoming a mother at only 18 did not stop her from bringing up her daughter properly.

She, however admitted that, she had to put in a lot of work, to forgive herself and dedicate herself to loving her child.

Speaking about motherhood in a recent interview, the mother of one said,

‘For me because I gave birth young and fell into the stereotypical single mum.

The one thing I had to let go is the tag of single mum not for other people but for me.

I made an early AND conscious decision that I would not be that and since early the decision and the choices I would make were tailored towards that.’

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Rubadiri added,

‘She grew up a child of love because I made the decision to bring her up that way.

Without looking at the circumstances in which she was born.

I did not want my daughter to feel the residue of ‘my mistake’.’

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On how having a positive mindset has helped her, Victoria said,

‘It has healed me, I can look back at that moment and I do not feel guilt or contempt.’

Her advise to fellow single mothers is,

‘Don’t let the past define you’

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