Rubadiri and Jeff

Citizen TV’s presenter Victoria Rubadiri is negative after her co-host Jeff Koinange tested positive for Coronavirus.

Last Sunday night, Rubadiri hosted Sunday Live alone and on Monday, Jeff came out to reveal that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

‘Folks, just to let you know, I have tested POSITIVE for Covid-19. I’m doing Good…NO symptoms…and my Family is fine. All my close contacts have been informed. Right now I’m in self-isolation. Many thanks to Royal Media Services Management for its Support. Stay SAFE & God Bless!’ he posted.

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Fans of Rubadiri were scared that she could have tested positive as well but in a series of posts, she assured them that she was okay and staying safe.

Thanks to everyone who reached out o find how i’m doing. I was tested earlier this week for Covid-19 and thankfully the results came back negative,’ Rubadii wrote.

Victoria Rubadiri

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The mother of one went ahead to urge her followers to take care and keep safe.

Even though it’s good news, I still need to live as if i’m POSITIVE to keep the ones I love and work with and randomly interact with, safe. Whatever your Covid-19 status take all the necessary precautions. Your health is paramount not just for you but for those who depend on you.

Victoria Rubadiri

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