Victoria Kimani is one of the most succesful female artiste in the country.

She has proven that lasses can be mega superstars in the music industry and even do better than guys.

Victoria Kimani

A few months ago, she released her EP, Afropolitan.

Apart from being an exceptional artiste, Victoria is also a fashionista. Her mode of dressing is quite unique and daring.

Some people say she gets her inspiration from American female rapper Nicki Minaj, maybe in terms of make up and colourful weaves/wigs. But everyone has something unique about their style.

Victoria Kimani

Victoria is among the most secretive celebrities in the country. She never parades everything on social media or announces it to the world. It took her a long time to even show off her boyfriend to the public.

Victoria is beautiful and she knows it and we have to thank one exceptional woman who has made this all possible. Her dear and loving mother. The resemblance is quite striking.


On Mother’s day, a while she jotted down a beautiful message to her mother which read, “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!! She is so cute and so Blessed 👑😍🌺 I’m thankful for a praying Mother. Also, she has been a mother to many who are not biologically her own, so I also celebrate all Mother Figures, Spiritual Mothers, and Women who have taken in Children who are not their own ❤.”

This is a reminder guys that mothers day is on Sunday 10th.

Make sure you let your mummy know she is special.

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